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            US applications
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            Class 2019 US offers (254 students)

            Top 10 Top 20 Top 50 Top 20 LACs Art Schools Others
            2 11 192 9 40 69



            US Universities SCIE students have received offers from (in alphabetical order):


            Art Center College of Design

            Babson College

            Bates College

            Berkley College of Music

            Boston University

            Bowdoin College

            Brandeis University

            Brown University

            California Institute of the Arts

            Carnegie Mellon University

            Carleton College

            Case Western Reserve University

            School of Arts Institute of Chicago

            Claremont McKenna College

            Colby College

            Colgate University

            College of William & Mary

            Colorado College

            Cornell University

            Emerson College

            Emory University

            Fordham University

            Georgia Institute of Technology

            Gettysburg College

            Hamilton College

            Hampshire College

            Wesleyan University

            Indiana University Bloomington

            Johns Hopkins University

            Kenyon College

            Lafayette College

            Loyola Marymount University

            Macalester College

            Maryland Institute College of Art

            Mount Holyoke College

            New York School of Visual Arts

            New York University

            Northeastern University

            Northwestern University Qatar

            Oberlin College

            Occidental College

            Ohio State University

            Ohio University

            Otis College of Art and Design

            Parsons School of Design

            Pennsylvania State University

            Pepperdine University

            Purdue University

            Pratt Institute of Design

            Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

            Rhodes College

            Rhode Island School of Design

            Rose-Human Institute of Technology

            Rice University

            Rutgers University

            Santa Clara University

            Sarah Lawrence College

            Savannah College of Art and Design

            Smith College

            Southern California Institute of Architecture

            St. Lawrence University

            St. John’s University

            Stony Brook University

            Syracuse University

            Texas A&M University

            The New School

            Trinity College

            Tufts University

            Union College

            University of California Berkeley

            University of California Davis

            University of California Irvine

            University of California Los Angeles

            University of California Santa Barbara

            University of California San Diego

            University of Chicago

            University of Colorado, Boulder

            University of Columbia

            University of Connecticut

            University of Florida

            University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

            University of Massachusetts Amherst

            University of Michigan

            University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

            University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

            University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business

            University of Pittsburgh

            University of Rochester

            University of Southern California

            University of Texas-Austin

            University of Virginia

            University of Washington Seattle

            University of Wisconsin Madison

            Vanderbilt University

            Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

            Western College

            Wheaton College

            Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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